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Evolving from the nearly two year run of Soul Talk, the weekly metaphysical/spiritual discussion group, which addressed those persistent questions about life, the universe, and everything), Heart Sounds began its run at the beginning of September 2006. Taking the best of Soul Talk and improving on it, then adding in the incomparably powerful element of Kevin Doheny's live sound (some call it music) performances, makes Heart Sounds evenings an event you'll want to schedule often on your calendar.
Led by: Kevin Doheny

On hiatus





Fuel for the physical, musings for the mind and sound for the soul.
(Click on the Heart Sounds logo above for more information.)

Heart Sounds is being recrafted into Heart Sound for the Web!
Stay tuned and join the E-mail list over at, because times and technology are changing and soon the good ol' Heart Sounds evenings (with Kevin playing live, as he used to do when the event was held in Eagan, MN) will be reincarnated in a new video "Heart Sounds for the Web" weekly event! If all goes well, a launch date of early Spring 2014 may happen. Sign up over at Sovereign Media so you can be there for the inaugural broadcast!


Hi Kevin Just wanted to drop a line and tell you that we both enjoyed Heart Sounds immensely last night. It was one of the best ones yet, we both learned alot and you did a great job teaching. That is what we come to Sound Mind & Body for. We are looking forward to next weeks topic. — M & S Marshfield, WI

Kevin, It was a pleasure to join the group at your place last Thursday. I enjoyed learning about what you do and your sound. As I said that night, the "sound" you played for us made my soul happy. It was wonderful! Thanks — DE Lakeland, WI

Kevin, last night was awesome and entirely awe inspiring. Thank you. The music was what I needed to hear about fear and the third dimensional thinking. I am really trying to look at it with the new information that I have been given. peace & love,
— SP St. Paul, MN

Great info. Thank you Kevin! Your Thursday Heart Sounds are always so cool! -- LJ St. Paul, MN