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Synergy and YOU (and Me [and Them])

By: Kevin Doheny, BA, CHT, MBT

If you're the sort of person who

-- likes working HARDER, not SMARTER.

-- believes "good enough" is good enough.

-- has more time and money than they know what to do with.

Then what I'm about to say will probably not be of much interest to you. 

If, on the other hand the preceding statements are NOT you, then this should be of GREAT interest to you (and there's really not that much reading, as there's a lot of graphics).

If you've been around corporations in the last 20 years (or maybe even longer), then you've probably heard the term SYNERGY.  It's often used by process improvement consultants, management, and the like.  It's also not used accurately in most of those situations, where its meaning has been watered down to describe when "things are really running quite well."

The definition of SYNERGY is:

The interaction of two or more agents or forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects.

This is very important, because it's like saying 1+1=3.  It doesn't just "happen," though, and there's a couple conditions which must be met before SYNERGY occurs and 1+1 is going to equal 3.  [To keep things as simple as possible, for the sake of the examples here, let's confine things to individual people and not corporate entities (because when it comes down to it, the corporate entities ARE made up of individual people [I wish more corporations would remember that]).]

The first condition which must be met is that the individuals must be exercising their free will (freedom of choice).  In other words, without any coercive factors at work [money would be one], this is what the person would freely choose to do.

The second condition which must be met is that the individuals must be coming from their “Heart.”  Unfortunately this condition can be a toughie, because most people are operating so much "in the head" that they really don't know who they are "at the HEART level."

In poking around for the SYNERGY definition I used a few paragraphs above, I came upon a definition I wasn't aware of, but which I found very interesting...

SYNERGY is the theological doctrine that salvation results from the interaction of human will and divine grace.   It seems to me that's about what I just said:

human will / freedom of choice;

divine grace / coming from the "Heart."

Business as Usual

Let's look at the "usual" way of doing things where you and I are just plodding away on our own...

Here we have a graph showing you and I doing something, each on our own. It's taken us each 4 units (of time, energy, or whatever) to crank out an effect of 4 each for a total effect of 8. Things DO get done... it just takes a while where one unit of effort produces one unit of effect.

Okay... so now let's say that both SYNERGY conditions have been met -- we're both cooperating on something out of free choice, AND we're coming from our Hearts (it's something we LOVE to do, though we may be each doing something different [we don't have to love to do the same thing]).

Here we've each done our one unit of something, and we have a net effect of one.  The analyst types may start to get nervous about our supposed SYNERGY here, because we've only accomplished a net of ONE, whereas when we were working separately before, we would have had a net effect of TWO.  Unfortunately it's at some of these early stages where people say "it's not working" and quit, when in fact they haven't even gotten going yet (there IS a small learning/startup curve to get past in working together).

Here now we've each done another one of something, and we've added another ONE net effect of our two efforts.





The SYNERGY effect, though is now starting to kick in, and so we get an extra two effects for the one net we just added.  At this point we're at a break-even, because we could have gotten to the same place separately.


As you'll see here, we're starting to get into our groove, and from our each putting forth one each for an additional net of one, we also pick up 4 through our SYNERGY gain.  We're now 3 ahead of where our separate efforts would have gotten us.

By continuing to carry on our SYNERGY, you can see that things are really starting to take off exponentially!






A Real Life SYNERGY Story
The previous graphics were for the left-mind, although it still may not quite believe that 1+1=<more than 2>, so here's a very recent true story...

Rev. Cathy Olsen, Owner and Founder of the Center for Conscious Living (, wanted to produce a guided meditation CD.  She came out to Sound Mind & Body and I recorded her talking through the guided meditation.  Later, I designed some sounds to compliment what she was doing with words in the meditation, and then I recorded what I was playing while listening to Cathy's recorded voice (the sound being laid down on tracks side-by-side in sync with her words).  I then mixed it and sent it off to Cathy to see what she thought of it.  Cathy and some of her associates gave it "test runs" while meditating and found it to be very powerful.  Have studio, will play around, so I decided to do a test here as well.  Being that sound is a carrier wave for consciousness, I made a CD of just my sound on the meditation, but no words, and then used that sound in our Monday Sound Meditations (without telling the group what the sound was from or for) and the meditators here also confirmed that it was very powerful.  The two requirements for SYNERGY were met for both Cathy and I, and the resulting product was more powerful than what would have resulted from either Cathy or I creating something separately.  (By the way, if you're interested in a copy of that CD, you can obtain them from Cathy at her web site listed above.)

Where to look?
Okay, let's say you believe, or are at least open to the idea that I may be on to something here.  Where do you find these SYNERGIES?  You could try running an ad in the paper (let me know if it works), but it's my experience that a lot of them are already around you, through the law of attraction (you ARE attracting GOOD things and people, right?).  The problem is that people are so often in their head and not their heart, that not only don't they NOT put out to the world who they truly are (and what they love to do), but we don't SEE them for who they are (and what their passion is), and things just don't seem to go anywhere (at least not very fast).  People are in your life for REASON, and there could be a lot of SYNERGISTIC potential right in front of us, but we fail to see.

Numbers Can (sometimes) Help
As you may be aware, I play around with Human Design.  (If you're not familiar with it, you can find out just a bit over at near the bottom of the page)  I've got information on about 150 people in my Human Design database, but only about 115 people have I actually met.  In looking at the connections between these 115 people and myself, I find that there are more "stronger" "connected" relationships between these 115 people and myself, than there are between the 115 people and someone else (another person with only 2 centers defined).  Although not conclusive evidence, it would suggest that we're attracting some great people.  What then are we going to CHOOSE to do?  [BTW, if you're ever interested in my running Human Design connection charts between you and anyone else, just head over to the Store page and send the request over to me.]

The LIGHT Worker's Flamethrower
Probably the vast majority of the close to 700 people I'm sending this E-mail to are what might be termed "Lightworkers."  You're trying to, or would like to, make this world a better place.  The problem is... you're only one light, and although it's true that no matter how small the light when placed in a dark room, that room is no longer dark.  That light will not burn forever, and it may not be enough to make any real difference.  Adding more lights may help, but it's the "Business as Usual" example above.   Now let's say that in addition to the small flame in the room, there's also a container of compressed flammable gas.  If they are not brought together, the container sits there unused, and the small flame eventually burns out.  [In which case, the container of gas (being a "Projector" in Human Design terms) becomes "bitter" because it had the answer, but wasn't "invited," and now needs years of therapy (or one session of "Sound Hypnosis").]   If, however, the gas is released in a controlled fashion and ignited by the tiny flame... well, it can make a BIG difference, both heating and illuminating the room.

So very many Lightworkers try and go it on their own.  I'm sure you've known of them -- they're out there doing good work... and then later when you go and look for them, they've had to close up shop and they're gone.  Even going into business with others doesn't create or guarantee SYNERGY.  Look at the requirements above once again for SYNERGY.  BOTH requirements must be met (and in working together, on a project, with the same goal in mind).

What's LOVE Got to Do With It?

You know... when I think about SYNERGY, I can't help but feel like it's closely related (maybe a sibling) to the definition I was given for LOVE, which is:

The highest state of consciousness, whereupon one, recognizing the intrinsic wonder, majesty and beauty of another living thing, sets an intention that the other living thing continue to grow, flourish, and develop to the greatest extent it is capable of. In holding that state of consciousness a field of attraction is created which draws to us those living things which hold us in that state of consciousness as well.

It just seems to me that a SYNERGISTIC relationship is an application of LOVE.

Now You DO (or Do Not, because there is no TRY)
What you've just read was from what I spoke on at Heart Sounds here at SMBHC on August 14th.  It seemed important enough information (by the discussion which ensued that evening) that I figured I better get it out to you, so you could not only put it to use, but to (please) forward on to others as well, so that they can understand these principles of SYNERGY and put it into effect in their life!  If you resonated with the message, perhaps you'll consider joining us at Heart Sounds (your schedule and distance permitting) when we reconvene in September.


In harmony,

P.S.  The STORE page over at the web site has been updated with all the products SMBHC presently offers to enable YOU to reach and maintain that state of being totally EMPOWERED and CONSCIOUS.

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