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The Economy of Thought

By Kevin Doheny, BA, CHT, MBT

This E-mail message is not one of the usual messages I send out, letting you know about events things going on at Sound Mind & Body, and in fact I won't be mentioning anything about events (or selling anything) in this message. I'll also tell you right up front (and remind you later) that I want you to take the initiative and forward this message on to everyone, because it's important. Important if:
-- You're someone who uses "money."
-- The [bad] news (broadcast, printed, or whatever form it takes) does NOT bring you to a place of peace and joy.
-- You want to make a positive difference in the world.
(Right now, "The Grinch" is the only being I can think of who does not fall into one of the above categories.)

Law of Attraction Reminder
I don't own a television, don't have cable or satellite, don't listen to any radio, don't have any "subscriptions," and even then I still get more [bad] news than I'd like. It can't be avoided, and everytime I DO see a headline somewhere it's... well, not good. Now, I'm not saying journalists shouldn't report on what's going on, but the tendency is to fixate on the negative and to sensationalize everything (because of course that drives up readership, and in the end it's all about money). Most people have heard things about the "law of attraction" -- that is what you think about is what you're going to get/attract (or some variation thereof). So... if the [bad] news is all about the bad economic conditions (and all the variations on that theme), and you allow that into your thinking system and start ACTING accordingly, guess what you're going to get? A downward spiral of WORSE economic conditions!

Looking for "Mr. (or Ms.) Economy"
I went looking for "the economy" and for the life of me I couldn't find it anywhere. I could only conclude that it doesn't exist. Not REALLY, at any rate. It seems to be some numbers on a spreadsheet, designed to measure something about the behavior of people, and of course the behavior of people is determined by how they think and feel [first thought, then feeling, then action (or inaction)]. So really, then, when we're talking about "the economy" we're talking about some measurement of where the thinking of a group of people is at. If "the economy" is down, then are not people "down" and perhaps hunkering down and fearful as well? Is that where you WANT to be? Where you'd CHOOSE to be?

Your Power... Surrendered, Lost, or Stolen?
If tomorrow the journalists all reported that there'd been an error -- a silly error in a formula on the economic spreadsheet -- and that instead of a negative economic trend it's really a POSITIVE economic trend and expected to get better... how would THAT news effect you? On the emotional scale which reflects where our thinking is at (all the way from fear, grief, depression, powerlessness on the bottom, up to joy, love, peace, empowerment at the top), wouldn't that news move you up a notch or two or three and change your behavior? Maybe you'd be more inclined to go out to dinner or do something you'd been putting off. If you're a business owner, wouldn't that news change your business outlook? Why? What's REALLY changed? Nothing much... it's just that someone you BELIEVED gave you a different thought. If you're getting a mental image that you're a puppet with someone moving your strings up and down to control you -- you're right. Somewhere along the line, something happened to your power.

Back in Control
There are many, many ways and methods to take control of your thinking and reclaim your power (sometimes, depending on how deep the conditioning goes, some type of therapy session may be needed). The first step, though, is to realize how your thinking works, and keep tabs on it by checking in with "how you feel." If when thinking about such-and-such your feeling is not-so-great, and you would RATHER it be more joyful -- something needs to change, and you need to get your power back in that area. Realize this and TAKE ACTION NOW(!) to turn it around.

... Or Not
Your greatest gift is your Freedom to Choose. Every day is filled with moments where you must choose. Usually there's no great significance to the choice, but over time those choices become patterns of behavior (or inaction). Whether or not you read this E-mail is a choice. What you will do as a result of reading it is another choice. Hopefully the choices are in keeping with what's in your HEART (not your head). Whether you forward this E-mail on to others determines whether others can become (more) conscious and get their thinking back under their own choice and power, or whether the message stops right here. It is it your choice to be a part of the problem (just following the crowd) or the solution? If you choose not to dine at a place you really enjoy, that place may not be there in the future -- and by your choice you have now helped to further limit your future choices. Not doing what we LOVE or WANT to do because of things (like the economy) which don't even REALLY exist (the most dis-empowering form of control), results in fewer and fewer choices, more and more control, and eventually we forget all about what we love or want to do. (How many people do you know who've either forgotten their passion, or never even found it?) If you VALUE something (or someone) enjoy them and make use of them [including all we offer at SMBHC].

The Power to Change Things
"If you keep doing [and thinking] what you're doing [and thinking] you're going to keep getting what you've got." In other words, nothing changes until something changes, and it's our THINKING that has to change -- on a great number of things! [If there's any particular issue of thinking and how it can/should be changed, drop me back an E-mail and I'll address it here in the future.] My choice was to write this and put it out to the 661 people on my list. If everyone sends it to 10 people (which isn't much, as most have many more than that in their address book -- and of course more IS better in this case), then we've now got 6610 people thinking more consciously. Another generation and we've got 66,100. Fourth generation and we're up to 661,000, and by the fifth or sixth generation we're now talking some REAL numbers in terms of changing the mass consciousness! As Ross Perot (remember him?) used to say, "It's just that simple."


In harmony,

P.S.  The STORE page over at the web site has been updated with all the products SMBHC presently offers to enable YOU to reach and maintain that state of being totally EMPOWERED and CONSCIOUS.

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