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Schedule Update

There will be NO Sound Meditation on Monday, October 12.

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Saturday, October 31, Sound Mind & Body will be at the Body Mind Spirit Conference -- University of Wisconsin-Stout (Menomonie).  We'll be in the exhibit area all day, and from 3:45 to 5:45, Kevin will be presenting "Right Sound, Right Mind, and Right Thinking."


A Tale of Two Sounds

If you've seen me at expos and events where I've got more space than just a table upon which to arrange my CDs, I've likely got a couple of my synthesizers with me so I can create custom sound for people.  Coming up with people's "sound" is immensely gratifying (and fun!), yet in an expo setting I'm somewhat limited by time and what can be done with the equipment at hand.  (Still, it comes out quite well.)  When I'm back in my studio and coming up with people's sound, there's no limitations and I can have more fun than, well... let's just say I hope they never find a way to tax how much fun someone's having, or I'll be up in the same tax bracket as Bill Gates and Warren Buffet!

Thus, whenever I get a message from Paypal that someone has requested their personal sound from over on the Sound Mind & Body Store page, it's always quite exciting for me as I go through finding out a bit about the person, what they'd like the sound to do, bringing forth the sound in the studio, and finally hearing the completed sound.  (Sometimes if people come by to pickup the CD and hear the sound for the first time, I get their first reactions as well!)

It's quite unusual, though, for someone I've never had any previous contact with, and who's not worked with some of my CDs, to just "out of the blue" order some custom sound.  Yet that's exactly what happened back in June when I received a request from Lane Robinson to do some sound for her.  It turns out Lane was over on the Pathways web site and saw a link to the Sound Mind & Body Healing Center web site on their Resources page.  When I talked to Lane, I found out that she's a professional psychic/medium [I invite you to visit her web site by clicking on her name above], and that she actually wanted two tracks of sound/music.  One track (of about two minutes) she wanted to use as she's preparing for readings, and the other (about a half hour long) she wanted to use in her group (grief) sessions to create a synergistic effect with what she's doing with the group.  (I've got to admit, it really made my day to have a professional psychic who had never met me or heard of me request these sounds!)

So I did my wizardry in the studio for Lane, and a few weeks later she came out to hear the tracks I'd come up with, and pickup the CDs.  The half hour group track we both decided needed a bit of remixing to get the balance right, but the little personal sound track needed no change (and in fact Lane gave it a try before she did a one question mini-reading for me [which has thus far been quite accurate]).  Here's what she wrote to me a couple weeks later:

"Kevin, thank you SO much for creating custom meditation music for me to help me harmonize my energy before doing healing work with clients. I have been listening to the music you designed every day for the last two weeks, and have found that it transports me instantly and consistently into the zone of pure energy that I need to do my work. The three minute piece of music has definitely made me feel much more open, balanced, and effective. I hope that you will market a special type of custom music to energy and healing practitioners so that others may benefit from it." --Lane Robinson

Fantastic idea! In the past I've always done sound for "as long as it should be" for people -- which usually ended up being about 10 to 20 minutes.  That's nice, but way too long to use as a person is getting "into the zone" and ready to head into a session with a client.  About 2 to 3 minutes is all that's needed, and so I've put up a new item in the Personal Sound/Music section of the Store page on the SMBHC site (just scroll down a bit, as it's right under the regular personal sound description).  If you're a lightworker, energy worker, healer, reader, psychic, channeler, or any other-worker who needs to be at their personal best, connected, and "in the zone" when you work with clients, this specially created sound for YOU is something (Lane and) I would recommend you have.  Your clients are depending on you to be at your best!


Making a Powerful Experience Even Better!

Much of the sound/music which I've released on CDs has originated at our Thursday evening Heart Sounds events.  We've been moving into the more "experiential" at Heart Sounds, because it's time to put things into practice.  Back in May, I had the group do the Dyadic Exercise #1, as Dr. Brugh Joy describes in his book, Joy's Way.  (This is also done in a Healing Touch level 1 class, and may be referred to as the "heart to heart" meditation.)  In a nutshell, it's sitting opposite another person, with hands touching, and for 20 minutes focusing only on sending (unconditional) love to the heart/center of the other person.  It's a very powerful meditation/concentration exercise, to be sure!  Normally it's done in silence, but we do things with SOUND around here!  As we had an even number of participants for the experience that evening, I was able to play my keyboards (having my fun) while the others had their fun.  The 20 minute piece of sound/music which resulted is very powerful, profound, and I'm making it available to you.  Should you choose to use it in the exercise as originally intended, it will certainly enhance it, or any other experience of connecting two in love.  It can be ordered at:

(This is not available on the store page of the SMBHC web site.)

In harmony,

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