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By: Kevin Doheny, BA, CHT, MBT

First, a brief look at the SMBHC event calendar:
-- Monday (Sound) Meditation continues Mondays at 7:00pm.

-- Heart Sounds has resumed after a 2 week break, and will continue on Thursday evenings at 7:00pm.

Visit for details.

Okay, now to the topic du jour...

In the last E-mail I sent out a couple weeks ago, I addressed the topic of SYNERGY and SYNERGISTIC relationships.  If you would like to revisit that E-mail (or the graphics didn't display properly in your E-mail program) you can find it at

As the utilization of SYNERGY is SO very important, I'd like to take things a step further into the realization phase.  Now, I said "utilization" instead of perhaps some other term like "creation" or "manifestation" because creation is bringing something into existence which previously didn't exist, and manifestation is bringing into your experience something which DOES exist.  Utilizing SYNERGY is easier then creating or manifesting, because you're simply "making use of" or applying something which DOES exist and IS available to you. I also used the term "realization" because until YOU (and I) actually DO something, (in terms of this physical 3D world) it's not REAL, and isn't making a difference (a change, or my favorite term, "shift") -- intention is where it all starts, but it's the DOING that gets it DONE.

Einstein (But Not Rocket Science)

If you're ever wanting to read about someone interesting, go read about Albert Einstein.  I don't have any book titles to recommend, but go find information on WHO this guy was, and how he THOUGHT (which has very little to do with his exceptional mathematical ability).  If you're pressed for time, just go enter into your favorite search "Einstein quotes," and you'll have a pretty good idea about the scope of this exceptional intellect.  One great quote of his was his definition of insanity:

"doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

Now back at the end of that last paragraph above I mentioned "making a difference," which is about CHANGING things, or doing something DIFFERENTLY.  Assuming you'd like to "make a difference," a logical next question might be "how much" difference would you like to make?  If you're satisfied with a little difference, then keep plugging away on your own.  [In Human Design terms, 70% of the world are "Generator" types, and Generators are designed to WORK, and so if working harder (not smarter) is your cup of tea, then great -- you're probably a Generator and it's perfectly fine for you {not me, though, as I'm a Projector type, and even though Projectors aren't here to do the work, I'll pick working SMARTER over HARDER any day}.]   If you'd like the difference/shift/change/effect to be bigger and/or of higher quality, then your best choice would be to look around you for a SYNERGISTIC partnering for what you're DOing, because only two conditions need to be met, and they're largely within YOUR control:

  • the individuals must be coming from their “Heart.”
  • the individuals involved must be exercising their free will (freedom of choice).

These are not "hard" (difficult) conditions.  As mentioned in my last E-mail, the people probably already are in your life (even if you don't have a close personal relationship with them, you'll often know them), so you don't have to look too far.  "Coming from the Heart" is the more important of the two, and can be an issue, so here's some tips on that:

  • For YOU: Being in your "Heart Space," coming from the Heart, and both REALizing and BEing who you are is the most important "work" you can do on yourself, and really is a prerequisite to all else (or at least anything else that matters).  If you're "not there" yet, I urge you to move this item to the top of your personal "to do" list.  Employ the assistance of the many "complementary and alternative therapies" out there [don't forget to put me on that list!] to get rid of any issues and/or blocks, find the heart (your center), be in the heart, and come from the heart always.  [I'm reminded of a TV commercial a LONG time ago with a slogan, "Try it -- you'll like it!"]
  • For your SYNERGY partner: If they're already being in their "heart space" then it's no problem.  Unfortunately many may not be there yet, but that's okay -- everyone HAS a heart/center (they just may not visit it very often).  YOU coming from your Heart will go a long way.  What you need to do is find out something about them (intuition helps here) and engage them at their heart level.  It may surprise them and help them "wake up."

Once the two people are coming from the heart, the "free will" (choice) part really isn't much of an issue (unless the head gets in the way).  I mean, if I were to say to you: I've got this thing I want to do where I'm doing thus-and-so [something I love to do], and you can do <something you love to do>, and together it'll be this great thing neither of us could have REALized separately, would you actually choose NOT to do it?  (Hint: if the answer is that the SYNERGISTIC relationship would not be entered into, I'd be seriously questioning whether the "coming from the Heart" requirement was met.  Recall what I wrote about SYNERGY and LOVE in my previous E-mail?  This quote comes to mind: Information never shared is knowledge lost; Loving never shared is knowledge stolen. [I'm uncertain as to both the author and accuracy of the quote.])

It's All About Relationships

When it comes right down to it, the "human experience" on this planet is largely about "relationships." (You'll achieve very little "soul growth" if you live in isolation.)   I'm not just talking about our "primary" relationships, either.  I'm talking about the relationship which exists between us and every person we're in contact with (however that contact happens).  Every relationship is unique.  (One of the things I find most interesting about Human Design is the ability to generate a "connection chart" between two people, because it confirms in a nuts-and-bolts sort of way what I'm feeling about my connection with another person. [Note: Human Design information can be requested over on the STORE page of the SMBHC web site, and YOU set the price.])  Granted, not every relationship has the potential for SYNERGY as I've described it -- but SOME do.  Are you utilizing them, or passing them by?

SYNERGY and SMB (has kind of a ring to it)

As I mentioned, in my Human Design data and personal observation, it would appear that I'm attracting people in my life which I have more of a "connection" with, rather than those I have a lesser connection with.  Hopefully this is true for you as well.  If so, I and Sound Mind & Body [Healing Center and Productions] are in your life, as you are in mine.  Might there be a SYNERGISTIC potential here?  Possibly.  Inasmuch as I'd be delighted to have you and the other people (close to 700) receiving this E-mail stop by, have a cup of tea, and discuss this, I guess that's not too practical.  As a first step, what I'd like to do is let you know (briefly) where I see SYNERGISTIC potential, because what we've got here is a PLACE, a SPACE, and PEOPLE.  Let's start with...

"The Place"

If you've done any amount of traveling around and you're at all sensitive to energy (and most folks are), then you know that not all places are the same.  There's energy vortexes, ley lines, and many other things which can effect the energy and "feel" of a particular place.  I won't go into the whole story of how I came to be here in this place (even though it's an interesting story), but perhaps some of those "forces" were what drew me here 11 years ago.  I just knew I liked BEing here, but when (now hundreds of) people who've come by here for events, sessions, etc. have commented on the energy and effect of this place, I've come to understand that it's not just any ol' piece of land overlooking a lake.  There have also been various "readings" which have born this out as well.

You can setup a healing center anywhere with every thing done just right, but either the land's got it, or it doesn't, and after the comments of hundreds of people (I wish I had a recorder by the door), I've come to know there's something going on here.  That's one of the reasons why we hold all these events and sessions here -- so YOU can come by and enjoy the place, too! 



"The Space"

With close to 6000 square feet, the space is quite capable of speaking for itself (which is why I've posted pictures here).  Even so there's a couple questions almost everyone asks:

How long have you been here [this question us usually preceded by the exclamation of, "Wow... I never knew this place existed!"]? Answer is 11 years (and I've enjoyed every minute here).

The next comment/question is:

This place is perfect [for what you're doing here].  Did you design it yourself?

Answer: No... someone else designed and built it and lived here 7 years, trying for a couple years to sell it [writing many purchase agreements which all fell through] before I came along and everything went through without a hitch.


The great room (pictured at left) with its high vaulted wood ceiling, and a south facing wall of windows is dramatic to say the least!  This is where we have our Monday evening Sound Meditations, as well as Thursday evening Heart Sounds.  The room may be appropriate for smaller more intimate groups and events.  With SOUND being a focus at Sound Mind & Body, it goes without saying that there are speakers throughout, connected to 3 separate sound systems.  Because of the space needed to develop the lower frequencies, the great room has the best sound (and view).




You've no doubt been to events which spanned a lunch break, and the instructor said, "Okay, it's noon -- let's break for lunch and resume at 1:00," at which time you scramble for your car, find a place to eat, gulp down lunch, and try to make it back before class resumes.  At Sound Mind & Body we've found that providing food here for the break is not only a whole lot less stressful, but allows the group to interact and get to know each other -- and it saves on gas (both the car's and yours).

With 4 skylights overhead, lots of windows and plants, the sunroom is the nicest meeting room I've ever been in.  If you can find a more pleasant one, please let me know!



Most of the events, though, take place in the training room downstairs.  This isn't your standard classroom, though.  This one has a fireplace, refreshment area, wonderful view, quad sound system, network connection, computer, and seats about 40.  We configure the room for the needs of the event.

The Healing Room is just beyond the refreshment area, and the Sound Immersion Room (pictured on the left) is just beyond the healing room.  These rooms come in very handy for groups doing experiential work where breakout sessions, and some privacy is desirable.  The Sound Immersion room (which I'll talk more about in a future E-mail) is also used when people come by to do some open microphone recording, as it's VERY quiet in there and we don't have to worry about unwanted sounds (like if a plane should happen to fly overhead).


"The People"

"The Place" and "The Space" are important, but it's "The People" that provide the services and make things happen.  Sound Mind & Body not only has myself (Kevin) and Monica here -- there's also a network of professionals of the highest caliper that we trust, and call in as needed (some of which make regular presentations here).  [Most of those professionals are listed on the LINKS page over at the SMBHC web site.]


I DO a LOT of things, but SOUND is THE thing.  Just a few SOUND things:

  • Creating sound/music (for individuals, hypnosis, Healing Touch, specific needs/intentions, etc.).
  • Hypnotherapy and Healing Touch sessions (both are applications of SOUND for me).
  • Sound Immersion Room sessions.
  • Recording and producing for other people (which I may add my sound to).
  • Speaking (and playing) to groups (almost anywhere) about sound, consciousness, and health.
  • Group/corporate Sound Hypnosis sessions.

If you and I are doing something concerning sound and/or consciousness, I'd say our chances of some SYNERGY are pretty high.


The Heart Sounds attendees have been getting to know quite a bit about Astrology, as Monica has been presenting regular segments on the topic here for months (after studying the subject for most of her life).  She's also putting together some classes on Astrology, which will be offered soon.  We haven't yet determined whether she'll have that information on the SMBHC web site, or whether we'll set up a separate web site, but as soon as it happens I'll be sure to let you know. Monica's also the person who's behind the meals served at SMBHC events [Yum!].

Excellence -- Accept No Substitute

Except for a 5 year stay in Northfield while attending St. Olaf College, I've resided in the Twin Cities all my life.  In addition to "Minnesota nice," one of the more common traits I've found is that mediocre and "good enough" are good enough (in terms of the majority of people and "mass consciousness" in this region).  Well, "good enough" has nothing to do with SYNERGY.  Let me ask you: if you needed a product or service and there was no (or very little) difference in price between all the various choices, would you not choose the best (whatever that "best" might be)?  That's a very real choice you now have.  You have the choice: mediocre, or SYNERGY.  [I'll tell you this, though... mediocre does not make much of a DIFFERENCE in people's lives, and whatever it was, is soon forgotten.]

...And so?

Get your thinking outside the box! Sound Mind & Body is a PLACE, a SPACE, and PEOPLE.  What SYNERGY will blossom when YOU are added into the mix?  A space for your event?  Maybe a healing space to see your clients?  Astrology?  Sound?  Use your imagination and then DO, because if you don't or won't, a terrible thing happens... it's called NOTHING.  On that note another quote from Einstein seems appropriate:

"Nothing happens until something moves."


In harmony,

651-688-2469 -- Don't delay... call today!

P.S.  The STORE page over at the web site has been updated with all the products SMBHC presently offers to enable YOU to reach and maintain that state of being totally EMPOWERED and CONSCIOUS.  NEW items continue to be added, so checking there each time you receive this newsletter would be good.

P.P.S. If this message has been forwarded to you, I invite you to subscribe so you'll be on the first string for future messages of this type.  Any page off the main page at has a quick subscription option on the left side below the menu (and I don't send out messages all that often).