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Hi, and thanks for checking on this blog.
Right at this moment it’s installed and working, but I haven’t done much with it just yet. If you have a question or topic you’d like me to address, please click on the comment option below and type away. If you’d like to read some articles I’ve previously written (which could have appeared in this blog had it been implemented at the time), you’ll find them over at the Links page at

When I DO start making use of this blog, I’ll let everyone on my E-mail list know about that, so if you’re not already on my list (which I don’t E-mail all THAT often), I invite you to join up. You can find fields for adding yourself on the left side of any page (other than the main page) of the site. Just a name and an E-mail address is all you need to enter. That information is then stored on secure servers at NetAtlantic, and the information is used for no other purpose other than my communicating with you.

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