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Manifesting and (Co-)Creating

Can it REALLY be ONLY four months since my last blog posting?  Gosh… with all that’s happened it seems more like at least a year!  As I’ve been sitting here thinking about what I might put in this posting, I considered getting you caught up with all that I’ve been doing and what’s been happening, but perhaps I’ll stick to the subject at hand today, and save THAT for another time.

First, there’s a lot of people who’ve signed up to receive this, since I last posted, and I’d like to say “hi” and welcome you.  Likely a good many have found their way to my site and this blog because of the Symphony of Meditation, and the meditation I did there with Inelia Benz [where Inelia guided, I played, and the resulting synergy has since been uploaded to Youtube and Inelia’s Ascension 101 site, (where they’ve at the moment been viewed over 15,000 times)].  As everyone reading is likely aware, I only post here when I’ve got something to say about some topic.  I guess I’ll now have to amend that and add, “and I have the time to write about it!”

Taking Care of Two Tasks at Once

In early January, the Global Ascension Center will be holding their first retreat, which is taking place in La Conner (Seattle area), Washington. [Note: the retreat will also be broadcast live via the web, so you might want to check out the event and participate from your home.] Although I won’t be doing any sort of “teaching” (as I got to do a bit of along with my playing at the Symphony of Meditation [the replays of which are still available]), I’ve been invited to attend the retreat to make sure all things technical run smoothly, and to do a bit of playing on my keyboards as well.  Kornelia Dengel is the primary person organizing the retreat, and while she and I were talking the other day about manifesting, creating, and such, she asked me if I’d write up what I was saying.  It sounded like a good topic for an overdue posting here, as these are much mentioned topics these days. [Side note: I invite you to not only check out Kornelia’s web site (current blog site up there at the moment, but I’ll have her new site up soon), but to keep her on your radar screens.  She’s quickly become one of my “all time favorite people in the world.”  Kornelia will soon be going places, and doing even more things, and you won’t want to have to wait until I get around to posting to hear about them!]

SHIFT Happened!

If you’ve stopped over at the Store page on my SMBHC site, you’ve probably seen the bumper sticker which says SHIFT HAPPENS.  Well, I had those made years back, and I think I need to have a new one made up which says SHIFT Happened!  If you’re reading this, I think you’ll agree that a shift (on many levels) HAS happened (and more are most certainly on the way, too, as we’re not done yet).  It IS no longer “business as usual” – at least not in MY world.  In this “new world” things are happening faster and faster, and there’s all this talk about manifesting, creating, co-creating, collaborating, synergy, etc.  But wait a minute (which is like a new second)… words are thought and power, and we have to be CLEAR on their meaning, and use not only the right word, but the right INTENTION, at the right time.  So let’s get clear….


This is aligning your reality – your experience – with something that already (or will) exists.  So, let’s say I want the experience of attending a particular concert.  This is KEY – what is the EXPERIENCE you’re after?  The universe can deliver this to me in any number of ways:

  • Someone may give me a ticket.
  • I may get some money and purchase a ticket.
  • Someone may ask me to attend with them.
  • I may meet someone who asks me to help out with sound there, etc.

The thing is, in manifesting, you focus on what the desired experience is, and NOT on the details of what needs to take place in order to have the experience.

The Manifestation Window

Thought Window 50People often wonder why some things manifest easily, while some not at all [such as that winning lottery ticket].  It comes down to the “frequency of the thought” (that is the vibrational rate of the thought, not how often you think about it – though that can help too).  Look at the picture of the window here.  Notice that it’s partially open.  This is the “manifestation window” and it’s raising up as those shifts and changes I mentioned earlier are happening.  At the bottom are lower base thoughts, which although you can still HAVE them, they don’t enter into play in manifesting.  Above the open window are thoughts which are yet too high, and can’t manifest in this reality, either.  So for example, money as such is in the “below the window” area, and very few people are interested in having the money ONLY for the sake of having the money. [Also, money has become a “virtual system,” and as such it’s tough to manifest that which doesn’t exist.]  It’s usually that people want to DO something with the money – in other words: money is a means to the experience!  The thought frequency of the experience may very well fall WITHIN the manifestation window, and if money is truly required for the experience, then the money will very likely find its way to you.

Emotions are Another KEY

Realization Pyramid 47Everything starts with a thought. [Well, actually it may start in the higher self / soul, but we’re not so much aware of that, so we’ll omit that for simplification.] So thinking about something is the first step in manifesting or creating.  The next step is to become EMOTIONALLY INVOLVED with the thought.  You’ve got to REALLY FEEL it!  So… how DOES it feel to THINK it?  The “emotional scale” runs from “fear, grief, depression, despair, powerlessness” down on the bottom, to “joy, knowledge, freedom,
love, appreciation” up at the top, with an infinite number of points in between.  Lower emotions equals lower frequency thoughts, which may not make it into that  manifestation window.  Not being emotionally involved AT ALL guarantees a disconnect between the thought, and the physical world – so it does little good to think something and follow it up with some action, in hopes of something coming of it, when there’s no emotions between the thought and action. [Note: this is a key concept most manifesting courses don’t mention.]


Creating is bringing into reality something which previously didn’t exist in the reality.  So, when I go to the studio and play something I’ve never played before (which is most always the case), I’m creating.  Creating is something we should ALL be doing in some manner, since we are all “children of THE Creator,” therefore it is our birthright to also be creators. [How many people do you know who have some dis-ease or condition, and are NOT using their creative potential?]


Do you need something or WANT something?  People sometimes think of NEED as being more important than WANT, and in terms of survival, it is, but not in terms of manifesting and creating.  You NEED air to live.  You NEED to have the temperature in a particular range.  You do not NEED the red sports car, nor do you NEED the person who may be the target of your romantic interests!  Those are WANTS, and WANTS involve your most precious gift, which is your “freedom of choice.”  There is no choice with NEED, whereas there is with WANT.  Manifesting and creating are about what you WANT.  [If you’ve had a session with me, remember I wanted to hear what you WANTed from the session before scheduling it?]

There’s POWER in Numbers

There are some things which you can manifest or create on your own, but for REAL power (and fun), you’re going to have to get with someone else who’s on the same page with you… and more is better, but even just finding one other person to collaborate with can increase the power exponentially!  If you want to ramp things up still more, then you’ll need to move into SYNERGY [which I’ve written about in a couple articles “SYNERGY and YOU (and Me [and them])” and “SYNERGY Made Real”].

The ULTIMATE Manifesting and Co-Creative Power in the Universe!

Love slide
Please read the “definition” of Love here (which I was given in a meditation some years back).  The co-creative and manifesting power which results from two (or more) people in this state of consciousness in and around and about not only each other but that which is the object/goal of the co-creative/manifestation efforts … is simply off the charts!  It is THE ultimate, and there’s really no words adequate to describe it!  Some people would say that such a state is un-sustainable… it’s a flash in the pan and can’t last.  Perhaps.  What it really comes down to, though is that although in the past it MAY have been un-sustainable on this planet, that’s changing as well.  If those involved HAVE “done the work” on themselves, raised their consciousness, are coming from their Heart Space, and have the sheer determination to hold onto it, such a state IS now not only sustainable, but will be “the norm” at some point in the future.

That sounds like a world and reality I want to co-create [and in fact am DOing so]!  Wanna play?

The Light is GREEN! GO!

Consider for a moment, if you will, this situation:
A vehicle has stopped due to a red traffic light at an intersection.  The light then changes to green, but the vehicle doesn’t move — even though it’s perfectly safe to do so.  If there’s other vehicles being prevented from moving by the lead vehicle’s not moving, there may be some honking of horns (or possibly some profanities expressed).  If the lead vehicle still does not move, the light may again cycle to red, and later, green.  There could be a great variety of reasons why the lead vehicle didn’t move forward when the light changed to green (indicating it was safe to do so):

  • The driver was distracted in some way and not paying attention to the changing of the light.
  • The driver had dozed off.
  • There was some vehicle problem (out of gas, stalled, etc.).
  • The driver was ill or incapacitated.
  • The driver was uncertain which direction to go.
  • The driver was for some reason afraid or unwilling to move forward.

Now I’d like for you to consider the above example as a metaphor for your life at this moment.  You’re the driver of the lead vehicle.  At one time you were going somewhere, and you had to stop [I don’t know how long ago this may have been].  The light may have been red for quite a long time [I’m sure you’ve sat at those, where you wondered if it was EVER going to change, or whether you should just go on the red light].  Maybe the light only changed to green for a VERY short amount of time and you missed it and then it was red again.  This is the way the energy has been for quite a long time (most of 2012).  We’ve been subject to a Mars retrograde, a Venus retrograde, and a couple Mercury Retrogrades (along with a mix of outer-planet retrograde energies as well).  With all THAT going on, along with the “current economic conditions” and all the other [bad] news you’re bombarded with (if you choose to partake of the “news” [which I do not, as it’s just not conducive to my “feeling GOoD“]), you may have been “stopped” for a good long time now!  Well, guess what…

The light is now GREEN!

Are you moving forward yet, or are you still sitting there?  Are one (or more) of the above situations true?  Have you become distracted from your journey [of life and your dreams/goals]?  Have you perhaps lost your way and are uncertain which way to go now?  Many people, though, have become paralyzed with FEAR, and are playing the “but what if…” game.

“Unnecessary fear of a bad decision is a major stumbling block to good decisions.”
— Jim Camp: Renowned negotiations trainer and coach


FEAR is a “sense” which the body part of us uses for survival.  [Perhaps making us aware there’s a tiger around the corner, so we best go some other direction.]  As we’ve developed “the mind,” though, we’ve taken that sense and have misused it to the point of letting it control and limit us.  In my years as a hypnotherapist, I’ve of course had clients come for sessions dealing with fears and phobias.  Sometimes there’s some basis for the fear (perhaps an unfortunate experience in this [or a past] life), and sometimes we can’t find any REAL reason why they have the fear.  Whether there’s a basis or not, F.E.A.R. can be viewed as False Expectations Appearing Real!  To quote from Tom Chalko’s book The Joy of Perfect Health:

Let go of fear.  There is nothing in this world worth fearing about.  This is not simply my belief.  I know.  To fear is one of the worst things you can do to your mind.  All logical reasoning, not to mention the connection to your higher mind is completely blocked.  People know about it, and some of them use fear techniques to take advantage of others.  Look around.  The field of medicine prospers by promoting the fear of disease.  If they succeed, you fear disease, even if you don’t have any, and this feeling actually replaces the feeling of well being!  Instead of enjoying your perfect health and being happy, you worry!  Fear blocks your thinking, and in this state you are easy to control by others, who know it and want to take advantage of it.  The technique of fear is frequently used by government and religious leaders as a tool to control people.  Let go of fear.  It blocks your mind.  Never use the technique of fear to control children.  Use explanation, examples and reasoning instead.

“Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.”
— Dale Carnegie: was an American writer and lecturer

Take the leap!Leila's skydive

My daughter recently graduated [with top honors] from high school.  A few weeks back, one of her friends said that he was going to go skydiving, and asked her if she’d like to do so as well.  No doubt you’ve seen the photo above, so I don’t have to tell you what she ended up doing!  One of my friends saw something about this and commented that my daughter was “perfectly brave!”   I replied that “anyone who can willingly jump at greater than 10,000 feet in the air, from an airplane which is working perfectly well, can very likely do anything she wants in her life!”

As I’m writing this, it says on my Mayan calendar that the day is Five (Empowerment) / Monkey (a good day to be anything new in your life).  Whether you realize it or not, the light is green and life is daily giving you opportunities — if not to take the leap, at least to move forward.  If you’ve been sitting there so long that you’ve run out of energy or the vehicle is no longer functioning, call the tow truck [in other words — get help from a therapist, coach, or possibly a medical professional].

Lead or follow, but GET OUT OF MY WAY!

Sometimes (in the above metaphor), your not moving is preventing someone else from moving forward.  Sometimes YOU’RE the one who’s being prevented from moving by someone else not moving (who’s being prevented from moving by someone else, etc.).  If you’re being held back from someone else not moving, DO SOMETHING (nicely… no road rage) to make them aware that the light is green and they’re holding YOU back!  Maybe they were unaware that others were depending on them to move forward.  Perhaps YOUR POSITIVE ACTION in that situation was all that was needed to unblock things and… just possibly… move the whole world forward.  (Hey… you never know!)

 “Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time.”
— Jim Rohn: was an American entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker

The light IS green.  LET’S GO!

Is this your best work?

Not too long ago, I was listening to something [I think it was a webcast], and I heard the following story:

Winston Churchill [former Prime Minister of Great Britain] was approached by one of his aids and handed a speech.  Churchill asked the man, “Is this your best work?”  The aid replied that it was not, and took the speech back to rework it.
Then with the speech revised, the aid again presented it to Churchill, and again he was asked if this was his best work.  The aid thought for a moment and told Churchill it could probably be improved on just a bit more in a few places, and so again took the speech back for another revision.
With the speech further revised, it was once again presented, and again the question was asked as to whether this was his best work.  The man replied that yes, this speech was his best work.  Churchill thanked the man, accepted his work, and later gave the speech.

Now, I’ve tried searching around on the ‘net to see if I could substantiate this story, but short of reading a biography on Churchill and hoping it’s in there, I can’t seem to find any mention of it.  Regardless as to whether it’s an accurate account, or not, I still think it’s a great story for a number of reasons:

  • We often “turn in” or “put out” less than our best work.  Now, there can be various reasons for that.  Maybe there’s a time constraint and we’re under a deadline (either to get the project done, or to get onto another project).  Maybe we’re only being compensated for a certain amount of time or work, and so we stop when that amount of compensation is reached.  And perhaps we’ve gotten so used to doing “just enough to slide by” and “being happy with a passing grade” that we don’t strive for excellence.
  • Churchill [whether he was the man’s employer or client] had an expectation  that he would receive that person’s “best work.”  How many people in our life have an unstated expectation that we will give them our best work, and when we don’t give them our best work, what does that say about us?  Unlike Churchill, those in our life may not ask whether we’re submitting our best, or not.
  • Only our best efforts should be put out to “the public.”  Why do you suppose Beethoven is generally considered to be one of the greatest composers, and why are those compositions which we consider to be his greatest, truly great?  Because of the painstaking effort he put into crafting each note to make sure it was exactly right!  [And woe to the musician who didn’t play it correctly!]  There are most certainly times when our best is not needed, and “good enough” is good enough [and in those cases we should be consciously aware that we’re capable of doing better, but doing so would be wasting time or effort].

In this ever-accelerating (western) world, where mediocrity seems to be the norm [after all, we barely have time for THAT — right?], the question of “Is this my best work?” [or best whatever] should be kept in mind:

  • Did I do my best work in that session with a client?
  • Am I giving this person my best attention?
  • Did I do this task to the best of my ability?
  • Is this the most I can do for some cause I feel strongly about?
  • Am I being the best parent for my kids?
  • Am I being the best partner for my spouse?

If we ARE giving something/someone our best… and that still isn’t good enough for the other person, then it’s THEIR issue.  At least we’ll be at peace, though, knowing we DID do our BEST!



THINKING about current times

I received a question today, and since it seems relevant and no doubt on the minds of other people as well, I thought I’d post it here.  The question was:
“The Conscious Convergence wave of the ninth underworld started March 9th but with everything that is going on in the world I guess I’m not sure what to do with the information. Would you have predicated these things and what messages and advice would be good for me to give out for when people become afraid?”

I replied:
Sounds like you’ve been reading stuff from Calleman, which is fine [though — and I think this is true of most people — they come out with their “best stuff” early on, and then later (when people say “oh that’s great… tell me more”) when they have to keep writing/talking, the information becomes less and less informative and valuable (like trying to get more water after the well has been pumped dry)].

You may recall I intentionally don’t get any news, so although I don’t completely live in a vacuum, I’m not sure what “things” you’re specifically or generally referring to.  No one is ever of any accuracy in predicting anything.  My only “prediction” is “SHIFT Happens.”  Consciousness on this planet must change and evolve so that certain baser levels of thought will no longer be “thinkable” here.  We could have gotten there in a “nice” fashion, but it would seem that’s unlikely to happen, because too much of the controlling population is still living in the 7th “power” wave… never “got” the 8th wave of ethics and integrity… and so now as we enter the 9th we’re really behind where we should have been.  [And a person cannot operate on or master the higher level unless the previous levels have been mastered, because the “foundation” would not be secure and their attempts at higher functioning would collapse.]

So… what are people “afraid” of?  FEAR is False Expectations Appearing Real.  Is my dog Allie “afraid” of whatever others are currently afraid of?  No.  Am I?  No.  That is because we don’t buy into or accept the thinking that others are beLIEving in.  There is nothing to fear, and since we either choose our thought… or have it be given to us when we give up the power of thinking for ourself… the question needs to be asked of people who are fearful, WHY they’re CHOOSING to be afraid?

This brings to mind one of my favorite quotes:
“Possessions are not just physical possessions. Possessions are ideas. Most people are choked to death by concepts and ideas that they carry around with them; usually not their own but their parents’ and society’s. Those are the possessions you’ve got to get rid of to get through the eye of the needle and it has absolutely nothing to do with physical possessions.”
John Lennon, 1980

So… in other words, the problem or difficulty people have is their thoughts and thinking.  Once they “change their mind,” other things will also change.

This also brings to mind a true account.  Here’s a letter which was written to Delta Airlines:
“My daughter and I were on a return flight from Cancun MX to Minneapolis on Jan 16, 2011. There were a group of women traveling together who were being very loud and belligerent even before we boarded our flight. The disruption continued in flight. Three of the women from this group sat directly behind us. The women continued to use profanity and shouting across to their friends seated in other seats. The content of their conversations was very crude and offensive. After a while of not being able to sleep or read and being subjected to their vulgarity, my daughter stood up and asked them very politely and without raising her voice to please tone it down and stop with the profanity. They began cursing at us and calling us f’ing bitches, threatening bodily harm with threats such as ”you just opened up a can of whoop ass” and ”you are going home with two black eyes” and told us we should move our ”f’ing seat if we didn’t like it”.. my daughter responded that we paid for our seats just as they had and we did not have to move.. the whole rest of the flight was made very uncomfortable and scary for us. We did not respond to their continued abuse and threats. Instead I went and spoke to the attendants who told me that others had complained as well and they were trying to keep the situation from getting ‘out of hand’.. The attendant assigned to our area said he had dealt with people like this before and asked if we wanted to move up front to first class but we declined. We felt this would be succumbing to their threats. When my daughter filled out the customs form the woman behind me looked between the seats and took note of my address!! She proceeded to threaten me by saying. “I will be in [your city] tomorrow on [your street]”. I was very concerned as to what would happen when we landed and if she indeed would be coming to my home!!  I told the attendants that I wanted the authorities contacted and to be there when we landed. The attendant told me that we will be in customs and it will be very secure with lots of police around.

This situation was very disturbing for my daughter and I and even though we are frequent flyers with your airline I am going to give serious consideration as to whether I will be flying with Delta again. Passengers should feel safe and protected from mental, verbal and physical threats and abuse.

I hope you will take this email very seriously and address this with your employees. We feel the Delta attendants should have asked these women to behave and not have the passenger have to do it.”

Now, I absolutely LOVE this account.  Not that these people had a very unpleasant experience, but because it expresses a very real metaphor:
We come into this life.  We’d like to have a nice pleasant life, and a lot of other people around us seem to want to have a nice pleasant life as well.  However, there’s some other people who don’t seem to share that ideal, and are doing a lot of things which make OUR life and situation less than pleasant.  We ask them if they would please behave like civilized people, but they make fun of us and threaten us instead.  So, we go to a “higher power” [God, or whatever/whoever], and say/pray, “I’m really not having a good time here.  I wanted something nice, and believe I’m entitled to a good and nice life, but there’s these other people who are interfering with that.  Could you please deal with them and make them behave better?”  The “higher power” replies, “Yes, I’m aware of the situation, and have seen it before.  I agree it’s not a good thing, but there’s not a lot that can be done, as on this planet people are allowed a freedom of choice.  I’ll tell you what, though… if YOU’D like to change, you can have something which not only gets you out of the unpleasant situation, but is in fact something EVEN BETTER than you’d have had if the unpleasant folks hadn’t been present.”
However, WE don’t want to change because it’s the OTHER people who are at fault, so we stay in a bad situation, which gets even worse.

I’ll address what to DO with the information that we’ve now entered the 9th wave, underworld, or level of consciousness on a future post here soon.

New Ways of Communicating

The way I’ve been communicating with followers of Sound Mind & Body via E-mail broadcast is no longer efficient. Therefore, I’m going to change over to using this BLOG, and via FeedBurner, people can be alerted to new postings here. As this is a new venture, I welcome comments and feedback.

I wish you all a great and magical 2011!

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