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Manifesting and (Co-)Creating

Can it REALLY be ONLY four months since my last blog posting?  Gosh… with all that’s happened it seems more like at least a year!  As I’ve been sitting here thinking about what I might put in this posting, I considered getting you caught up with all that I’ve been doing and what’s been happening, but perhaps I’ll stick to the subject at hand today, and save THAT for another time.

First, there’s a lot of people who’ve signed up to receive this, since I last posted, and I’d like to say “hi” and welcome you.  Likely a good many have found their way to my site and this blog because of the Symphony of Meditation, and the meditation I did there with Inelia Benz [where Inelia guided, I played, and the resulting synergy has since been uploaded to Youtube and Inelia’s Ascension 101 site, (where they’ve at the moment been viewed over 15,000 times)].  As everyone reading is likely aware, I only post here when I’ve got something to say about some topic.  I guess I’ll now have to amend that and add, “and I have the time to write about it!”

Taking Care of Two Tasks at Once

In early January, the Global Ascension Center will be holding their first retreat, which is taking place in La Conner (Seattle area), Washington. [Note: the retreat will also be broadcast live via the web, so you might want to check out the event and participate from your home.] Although I won’t be doing any sort of “teaching” (as I got to do a bit of along with my playing at the Symphony of Meditation [the replays of which are still available]), I’ve been invited to attend the retreat to make sure all things technical run smoothly, and to do a bit of playing on my keyboards as well.  Kornelia Dengel is the primary person organizing the retreat, and while she and I were talking the other day about manifesting, creating, and such, she asked me if I’d write up what I was saying.  It sounded like a good topic for an overdue posting here, as these are much mentioned topics these days. [Side note: I invite you to not only check out Kornelia’s web site (current blog site up there at the moment, but I’ll have her new site up soon), but to keep her on your radar screens.  She’s quickly become one of my “all time favorite people in the world.”  Kornelia will soon be going places, and doing even more things, and you won’t want to have to wait until I get around to posting to hear about them!]

SHIFT Happened!

If you’ve stopped over at the Store page on my SMBHC site, you’ve probably seen the bumper sticker which says SHIFT HAPPENS.  Well, I had those made years back, and I think I need to have a new one made up which says SHIFT Happened!  If you’re reading this, I think you’ll agree that a shift (on many levels) HAS happened (and more are most certainly on the way, too, as we’re not done yet).  It IS no longer “business as usual” – at least not in MY world.  In this “new world” things are happening faster and faster, and there’s all this talk about manifesting, creating, co-creating, collaborating, synergy, etc.  But wait a minute (which is like a new second)… words are thought and power, and we have to be CLEAR on their meaning, and use not only the right word, but the right INTENTION, at the right time.  So let’s get clear….


This is aligning your reality – your experience – with something that already (or will) exists.  So, let’s say I want the experience of attending a particular concert.  This is KEY – what is the EXPERIENCE you’re after?  The universe can deliver this to me in any number of ways:

  • Someone may give me a ticket.
  • I may get some money and purchase a ticket.
  • Someone may ask me to attend with them.
  • I may meet someone who asks me to help out with sound there, etc.

The thing is, in manifesting, you focus on what the desired experience is, and NOT on the details of what needs to take place in order to have the experience.

The Manifestation Window

Thought Window 50People often wonder why some things manifest easily, while some not at all [such as that winning lottery ticket].  It comes down to the “frequency of the thought” (that is the vibrational rate of the thought, not how often you think about it – though that can help too).  Look at the picture of the window here.  Notice that it’s partially open.  This is the “manifestation window” and it’s raising up as those shifts and changes I mentioned earlier are happening.  At the bottom are lower base thoughts, which although you can still HAVE them, they don’t enter into play in manifesting.  Above the open window are thoughts which are yet too high, and can’t manifest in this reality, either.  So for example, money as such is in the “below the window” area, and very few people are interested in having the money ONLY for the sake of having the money. [Also, money has become a “virtual system,” and as such it’s tough to manifest that which doesn’t exist.]  It’s usually that people want to DO something with the money – in other words: money is a means to the experience!  The thought frequency of the experience may very well fall WITHIN the manifestation window, and if money is truly required for the experience, then the money will very likely find its way to you.

Emotions are Another KEY

Realization Pyramid 47Everything starts with a thought. [Well, actually it may start in the higher self / soul, but we’re not so much aware of that, so we’ll omit that for simplification.] So thinking about something is the first step in manifesting or creating.  The next step is to become EMOTIONALLY INVOLVED with the thought.  You’ve got to REALLY FEEL it!  So… how DOES it feel to THINK it?  The “emotional scale” runs from “fear, grief, depression, despair, powerlessness” down on the bottom, to “joy, knowledge, freedom,
love, appreciation” up at the top, with an infinite number of points in between.  Lower emotions equals lower frequency thoughts, which may not make it into that  manifestation window.  Not being emotionally involved AT ALL guarantees a disconnect between the thought, and the physical world – so it does little good to think something and follow it up with some action, in hopes of something coming of it, when there’s no emotions between the thought and action. [Note: this is a key concept most manifesting courses don’t mention.]


Creating is bringing into reality something which previously didn’t exist in the reality.  So, when I go to the studio and play something I’ve never played before (which is most always the case), I’m creating.  Creating is something we should ALL be doing in some manner, since we are all “children of THE Creator,” therefore it is our birthright to also be creators. [How many people do you know who have some dis-ease or condition, and are NOT using their creative potential?]


Do you need something or WANT something?  People sometimes think of NEED as being more important than WANT, and in terms of survival, it is, but not in terms of manifesting and creating.  You NEED air to live.  You NEED to have the temperature in a particular range.  You do not NEED the red sports car, nor do you NEED the person who may be the target of your romantic interests!  Those are WANTS, and WANTS involve your most precious gift, which is your “freedom of choice.”  There is no choice with NEED, whereas there is with WANT.  Manifesting and creating are about what you WANT.  [If you’ve had a session with me, remember I wanted to hear what you WANTed from the session before scheduling it?]

There’s POWER in Numbers

There are some things which you can manifest or create on your own, but for REAL power (and fun), you’re going to have to get with someone else who’s on the same page with you… and more is better, but even just finding one other person to collaborate with can increase the power exponentially!  If you want to ramp things up still more, then you’ll need to move into SYNERGY [which I’ve written about in a couple articles “SYNERGY and YOU (and Me [and them])” and “SYNERGY Made Real”].

The ULTIMATE Manifesting and Co-Creative Power in the Universe!

Love slide
Please read the “definition” of Love here (which I was given in a meditation some years back).  The co-creative and manifesting power which results from two (or more) people in this state of consciousness in and around and about not only each other but that which is the object/goal of the co-creative/manifestation efforts … is simply off the charts!  It is THE ultimate, and there’s really no words adequate to describe it!  Some people would say that such a state is un-sustainable… it’s a flash in the pan and can’t last.  Perhaps.  What it really comes down to, though is that although in the past it MAY have been un-sustainable on this planet, that’s changing as well.  If those involved HAVE “done the work” on themselves, raised their consciousness, are coming from their Heart Space, and have the sheer determination to hold onto it, such a state IS now not only sustainable, but will be “the norm” at some point in the future.

That sounds like a world and reality I want to co-create [and in fact am DOing so]!  Wanna play?

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