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I received a question today, and since it seems relevant and no doubt on the minds of other people as well, I thought I’d post it here.  The question was:
“The Conscious Convergence wave of the ninth underworld started March 9th but with everything that is going on in the world I guess I’m not sure what to do with the information. Would you have predicated these things and what messages and advice would be good for me to give out for when people become afraid?”

I replied:
Sounds like you’ve been reading stuff from Calleman, which is fine [though — and I think this is true of most people — they come out with their “best stuff” early on, and then later (when people say “oh that’s great… tell me more”) when they have to keep writing/talking, the information becomes less and less informative and valuable (like trying to get more water after the well has been pumped dry)].

You may recall I intentionally don’t get any news, so although I don’t completely live in a vacuum, I’m not sure what “things” you’re specifically or generally referring to.  No one is ever of any accuracy in predicting anything.  My only “prediction” is “SHIFT Happens.”  Consciousness on this planet must change and evolve so that certain baser levels of thought will no longer be “thinkable” here.  We could have gotten there in a “nice” fashion, but it would seem that’s unlikely to happen, because too much of the controlling population is still living in the 7th “power” wave… never “got” the 8th wave of ethics and integrity… and so now as we enter the 9th we’re really behind where we should have been.  [And a person cannot operate on or master the higher level unless the previous levels have been mastered, because the “foundation” would not be secure and their attempts at higher functioning would collapse.]

So… what are people “afraid” of?  FEAR is False Expectations Appearing Real.  Is my dog Allie “afraid” of whatever others are currently afraid of?  No.  Am I?  No.  That is because we don’t buy into or accept the thinking that others are beLIEving in.  There is nothing to fear, and since we either choose our thought… or have it be given to us when we give up the power of thinking for ourself… the question needs to be asked of people who are fearful, WHY they’re CHOOSING to be afraid?

This brings to mind one of my favorite quotes:
“Possessions are not just physical possessions. Possessions are ideas. Most people are choked to death by concepts and ideas that they carry around with them; usually not their own but their parents’ and society’s. Those are the possessions you’ve got to get rid of to get through the eye of the needle and it has absolutely nothing to do with physical possessions.”
John Lennon, 1980

So… in other words, the problem or difficulty people have is their thoughts and thinking.  Once they “change their mind,” other things will also change.

This also brings to mind a true account.  Here’s a letter which was written to Delta Airlines:
“My daughter and I were on a return flight from Cancun MX to Minneapolis on Jan 16, 2011. There were a group of women traveling together who were being very loud and belligerent even before we boarded our flight. The disruption continued in flight. Three of the women from this group sat directly behind us. The women continued to use profanity and shouting across to their friends seated in other seats. The content of their conversations was very crude and offensive. After a while of not being able to sleep or read and being subjected to their vulgarity, my daughter stood up and asked them very politely and without raising her voice to please tone it down and stop with the profanity. They began cursing at us and calling us f’ing bitches, threatening bodily harm with threats such as ”you just opened up a can of whoop ass” and ”you are going home with two black eyes” and told us we should move our ”f’ing seat if we didn’t like it”.. my daughter responded that we paid for our seats just as they had and we did not have to move.. the whole rest of the flight was made very uncomfortable and scary for us. We did not respond to their continued abuse and threats. Instead I went and spoke to the attendants who told me that others had complained as well and they were trying to keep the situation from getting ‘out of hand’.. The attendant assigned to our area said he had dealt with people like this before and asked if we wanted to move up front to first class but we declined. We felt this would be succumbing to their threats. When my daughter filled out the customs form the woman behind me looked between the seats and took note of my address!! She proceeded to threaten me by saying. “I will be in [your city] tomorrow on [your street]”. I was very concerned as to what would happen when we landed and if she indeed would be coming to my home!!  I told the attendants that I wanted the authorities contacted and to be there when we landed. The attendant told me that we will be in customs and it will be very secure with lots of police around.

This situation was very disturbing for my daughter and I and even though we are frequent flyers with your airline I am going to give serious consideration as to whether I will be flying with Delta again. Passengers should feel safe and protected from mental, verbal and physical threats and abuse.

I hope you will take this email very seriously and address this with your employees. We feel the Delta attendants should have asked these women to behave and not have the passenger have to do it.”

Now, I absolutely LOVE this account.  Not that these people had a very unpleasant experience, but because it expresses a very real metaphor:
We come into this life.  We’d like to have a nice pleasant life, and a lot of other people around us seem to want to have a nice pleasant life as well.  However, there’s some other people who don’t seem to share that ideal, and are doing a lot of things which make OUR life and situation less than pleasant.  We ask them if they would please behave like civilized people, but they make fun of us and threaten us instead.  So, we go to a “higher power” [God, or whatever/whoever], and say/pray, “I’m really not having a good time here.  I wanted something nice, and believe I’m entitled to a good and nice life, but there’s these other people who are interfering with that.  Could you please deal with them and make them behave better?”  The “higher power” replies, “Yes, I’m aware of the situation, and have seen it before.  I agree it’s not a good thing, but there’s not a lot that can be done, as on this planet people are allowed a freedom of choice.  I’ll tell you what, though… if YOU’D like to change, you can have something which not only gets you out of the unpleasant situation, but is in fact something EVEN BETTER than you’d have had if the unpleasant folks hadn’t been present.”
However, WE don’t want to change because it’s the OTHER people who are at fault, so we stay in a bad situation, which gets even worse.

I’ll address what to DO with the information that we’ve now entered the 9th wave, underworld, or level of consciousness on a future post here soon.

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